Simple low polygon swords for realtime games
1000 Low Pol Chest models for 3D games/icons etc
Low Pol chest models for your 3D games!
80 different Potions, in high resolution, from multiple angles fill levels.
1000 different shields for icons / badges etc
Free Potions for Everyone!
225 Unique Potion icons to add variety to your games!
Cartoon Viking warrior character in isometric view (8 directions) for games. With 3 different armor levels!
​Cartoon Stone Golem for isometric games.
​Cartoon Demon character in isometric view for 2D games.
blender node setup to turn any simple geometry into a floating island
A Jousting Knight in isometric view for games
A very simple, low polygon alien animated ready to be textured!
The mad baker fights off the invading enemies!
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Wizard Cartoon character in Isometric with 8 directions, different styles
Cartoon Knight in isometric view, 8 directions, with 3 different armor levels and in different styles!
Cartoon Demon with different armors and in different styles!
Knight in different styles and 3 Levels of armor
Roman Soldier Skeleton Cartoon in Isometric view with 8 Directions and in different styles
Cartoon Goblin with different armors and in different styles!
Samurai warrior with different armors and in different styles!
Skeleton Soldier - Side View. With different armors and in different Styles!

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Isometric Game Characters

My Isometric game characters!