Game Assets

Pixel Art Presents set as public domain for all your gamedev needs!
Sword Icons from different angles.
Lowpoly 3D swords in public domain!
Cartoon Viking warrior character in isometric view (8 directions) for games. With 3 different armor levels!
​Cartoon Stone Golem for isometric games.
​Cartoon Demon character in isometric view for 2D games.
blender node setup to turn any simple geometry into a floating island
A Jousting Knight in isometric view for games
A very simple, low polygon alien animated ready to be textured!
The mad baker fights off the invading enemies!
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Wizard Cartoon character in Isometric with 8 directions, different styles
Cartoon Knight in isometric view, 8 directions, with 3 different armor levels and in different styles!
Cartoon Demon with different armors and in different styles!
Knight in different styles and 3 Levels of armor
Roman Soldier Skeleton Cartoon in Isometric view with 8 Directions and in different styles
Cartoon Goblin with different armors and in different styles!
Samurai warrior with different armors and in different styles!
Skeleton Soldier - Side View. With different armors and in different Styles!

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Isometric Game Characters

My Isometric game characters!