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Cartoon Knight character in isometric view (8 directions) for games. With 3 different armor levels and in different styles for you to pick from!

Different styles included:
- 3D cartoon shade;
- Flat shade;
- Flat shade with outline;
- Pixel art at about 64 pixels hight;
- Pixel art with stroke/outline;
- Pixel art at about 32 pixels hight.

9 animations included:
- Idle (9 frames);
- Walk ( 8 frames);
- Run (6 frames);
- Jump (7 frames);
- hit, getting hit (5 frames);
- die, getting hit and falling on the ground (5 frames);
- Thrust, attack (5 frames);
- Blow, attack (8 frames)
– Block, (4 frames)

PNG sequences for all animations in the 3 different styles and all the 8 directions.
Large full frames size at 512x512.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Knight_Isometric.zip 257 MB
license.pdf 21 kB


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This entire series of images is very helpful to me. If you're viewing the Knight, know that there is also a wizard, goblin, and skeleton.

Q1: The naming convention of the files for the knight are different than for the other images. Do you have plans to rename this? NBD as I've already worked around it.

Q2: Do you have any plans to include a spritesheet with all these images?

Glad you find it helpful!  As for the questions,
Q1: It was one of the first I made, so it can be that, ill check it out.
Q2: I didn't add spreadsheets because that can be too project specific, I believe it makes sense for the dev to make the spreadsheets, and include what they need. If you only need specific animations, and what technology to use, it can depend on the engine etc... There are too many variables to take in consideration.

Hello ! really like this sprites.. i want to know if blender file is included in zip ? and if it is possible to change armour.. help.. sword etc..

Hi ferraioli, no, the blender files are not included, only the rendered frames are.
For changing the levels there are 3 different characters/sets of frames that you can swap or pick what is your favorite.  The armor parts are not rendered separately, but are an entire character. So you can not upgrade only the sword for example, but have to upgrade the entire character.